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The Montreal Holocaust Museum was created in 1979 by a group of Holocaust survivors with the support of young members of the Jewish community. It is supported by Federation CJA, the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications Québec and your donations. Its mission is to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about the Holocaust, while sensitizing the public to the universal perils of antisemitism, racism, hate and indifference.


The Holocaust Life Stories website invites you to meet 14 Holocaust survivors and a Rescuer and listen to their stories.


There are two ways to browse the site :

1-By testimony

Recognise anyone?  Is there a picture that catches your eye? Click and discover the themes that are available through the survivor’s testimony.


2-By theme

-Use the menu in the top-left corner to select a theme. The results will display any testimonies featuring this theme.
-Click on one of the testimonies.


Next, choose a feature by clicking on a keyword.You will be redirected to the survivor’s page where you can listen to their video testimonies and follow the survivor’s journey, either through the map or the timeline below. The triangle symbol indicates that a clip can be viewed on the corresponding location or year. At any time, you can click on the “Biography” button to learn more about the survivor and how they immigrated to Canada.

The Resources section, intended for teachers across Canada, includes additional information about oral history and Holocaust education. You can also find more interactive resources about the history of the Holocaust on our website at

Use the Contact Form located in the Menu bar if you wish to submit a question or report any technical issues.

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